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    Saturday, April 28, 2012
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    Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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    Thursday, December 22, 2011
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    Monday, November 07, 2011
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    Thursday, November 03, 2011
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    Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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FL to West End Bahamas

Leaving Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart, FL.

Heading south on the ICW for Lake Worth,FL.

Headed south on the ICW to Lake Worth south of Jupiter, FL.

Peanut Island, FL Jupiter lighthouse

Early morning departure for West End crossing the Gulf Stream.

Etoile next to West End crossing buddy boat Christian at Old Bahama Bay marina.

Tassie coming home from a hard day at the beach.

Visiting with our buddy boat neighbors Jim and Donna Albertson who took all these photos.

Leaving West End via Indian Cay Channel.

Man-O-War entrance

Somedays can be a bitch even in Paradise (Man-O-War)

Biloxi, MS to Stuart, FL

 It has been impossible to update the Website due mainly to very poor internet connectivity everywhere we have been. We are currently in the public library in Stuart, FL where we have good internet.  Boat maintenance and happy hour has also contributed to the delays. Please go to the gallery link below.

CAST OFF - League City, TX to Biloxi, MS

Mark & Maridee Sandridge, owners of our buddy boat Folie A Deux, enjoying the Biloxi Yacht Club at sunset.

Looking out from Point Cadet harbormaster office.

Looking back towards Beach Blvd and the casinos in Biloxi.

Thanksgiving dinner aboard Folie A Deux.

Not Biloxi, but back by popular demand:

Point Cadet is a nice marina close to the casinos and yacht club on Beach Blvd in Biloxi.  This will be home until after the 2012 New Year when we return to start our east bound journey to FL.
Point Cadet Marina, Biloxi, MS

Downtown New Orleans.

One of our vicarious crew members watched us live as we went under the bridge on a web-cam mounted under the bridge.

Headed for the Harvey Locks, eastbound to the River.

This was our last stop before Biloxi and because of weather we spent two days in New Orleans and left on Thanksgiving Day for our final push.
Seabrook Marina, New Orleans, LA

We anchored just across the ICW from Lake Salvador about 20 miles from the Harvey Locks so we could get an early start to manage the Harvey and Industrial locks in case we were backed up by traffic.
Bayou Perot, LA Anchorage

We got in after dark to the city docks downtown in Morgan City only to find out the next morning that the locks were closed all day for maintenance.  Fortunately, Greg Heck, traveling on our buddy boat, Folie A Deux knew of an alternate route.  Some people think these fog pictures are great, not the Captains. It is a lot like the childhood game of Rock, Paper and Scissors except out here it is Rock, Plastic and Steel and rocks and steel boats and steel barges beat plastic boats every time.
Morgan City, LA City Docks

Etoile waits for her turn to fuel after Folie A Deux finishes fueling at Martins since Shell Morgan is closed on Sundays.

Intercoastal City is not a city but an industrial park for the petroleum industry.  There is lots of commercial traffic and when we arrived after dark I had limited night vision and gave the lead to Folie a Deux with six good eyes onboard.
Intercoastal City, LA Shell Morgan Docks 

Shell Island is an anchorage right off the ICW on the Texas - Louisiana border.  It is a good stopping point for boats our speed between Galveston and Intercoastal City, LA.
Shell Island, TX Anchorage

Tassie Bones-Up for the Bahamas

Tassie hits the books in preparation for the Bahamas.  You can see from her wild hair day that this wasn't what she had in mind when we told her she was going to need to bone up for the trip.

Preparing Etoile for the Great Loop

The last of the outside canvas being installed. Notice the shinny things on top of the mast, prettier than black boxes to photograph, but not cheaper.

New cabinet for the washer/dryer behind the closed doors and relocation of the ice maker (number 1 on the cruising list).

This is the Captains work bench right above the ice maker, below the wine glasses and directly in front of cocktail glasses.  This is where bad boating days get better.

Another shot of the new cabinet with a peek at the new bamboo floors and interior curtains.  All woodwork was done by a very fine craftsman and since he now owns half of our portfolio, I thought it deserved an extra shot.

From December 2010 to November 2011 both Etoile and crew have been making preparations to get underway. Etoile has installed new bamboo floors, interior and exterior curtains, washer/dryer, TVs and stereo, all new electronics (chartplotter, HD radar, AIS, VHF, Sirus Weather, etc.), new bimini and all outside canvas replaced and a bunch of other stuff that has left the checkbook empty.  All of the crew, including Tassie, have been undergoing various medical and dental procedures to make us look and feel better (well feel better anyway).  I am fairly sure we are about done because there is no more money left so there must not be anymore To-Dos left.


Welcome to Etoile's blog. Please check back soon for new entries.